…the distant mountain peaks…

…the distant mountain peaks… are as though painted in magenta, by Dali, on tin-foil.

When writing academic papers, one aims for descriptions that are explicative rather than poetic.

However, while researching my thesis, I came across this article in Vogue, which made me long for the days of creative writing…

The article, entitled “North Africa,” was written by Cecil Beaton in the April 15, 1934 edition of the fashion magazine, and paints a stunning portrait of the Maghreb. Here are a few of the more stirring lines, which will hopefully no longer be forever lost to the depths of ProQuest:

“…the clustered domes of mosques, minarets, and Marabouts, whitewashed and appearing to be made of so much marshmallow…”

“The sky, spangled with sequin stars, has now become a periwinkle-blue…”

“The sun has not yet risen; silver and pale, cold gold clouds are island of tulle, gauze, and lamé.”

Unfortunately, the pictures accompanying the article do not quite capture the splendor of which the author spoke.

But I would imagine that French painter Léon Cauvy’s colors capture something of Cecil Beaton’s words.


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